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Why Choose White Density?

Our founder and Head Dentist, Dr. Gwen Gan’s journey to becoming a dentist is a unique one.

Dr. Gwen studied Actuarial Science for her degree before deciding to make a switch to pursuing Dentistry. It was through understanding basic knowledge of dental care that piqued her interest due to the lack of resources available to the general public in Malaysia.

(A fun fact: Dr. Gwen is also a certified hypnotherapist – having the ability to guide you into a deep state of focus and relaxation during your treatments. So, you wouldn’t have to worry as she’s able to calm your nerves.)

She had a newfound passion for taking care of her oral health and even of others. Ever since then, she has been dedicating her career and on a personal mission to redefine how dentistry works within the industry.

Throughout her career as a dentist, she has always been passionate on:

  • Educating patients to be well-informed on their oral health.
  • Providing gentle, personalised total care treatment for each patient.
  • Ensuring the patients’ needs are met at an affordable price. 

Dental care should be personalised for each individual and there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to our oral health. 

That’s how White Density was created and born. Let us create that perfect and beautiful smile for you!