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Tooth Fairy Project 3.0: Where Smiles and Education Soared to New Heights


Thank you for the love from White Density Dental Clinic Tooth Fairy 3.0

The echoes of laughter, the sparkle in children’s eyes, and the resounding success of the Tooth Fairy Project 3.0 are still fresh in our minds. This remarkable event, hosted by White Density Dental Clinic, not only brought smiles but also a wealth of knowledge and a dash of imagination to children and parents alike.






A Day of Learning and Fun

Sharing Session by Invited guest Pediatrician , Dr Gan Yeen Zou

The Tooth Fairy Project 3.0 kicked off with an informative and engaging presentation by pediatrician Dr. Gan Yeen Zou from Kiddosaurus Pediatric Clinic.

Dr. Gan shared essential tips and care strategies for eczema, addressing a common concern among parents, while setting the stage for an event dedicated to children’s well-being and dental care for children.

Dental Care Tips for Toddler by Dr Gwen

Following this, Dr. Gwen Gan took the stage, offering valuable insights into dental care for toddlers. Her session wasn’t just informative; it was a journey into the world of effective oral hygiene for the little ones. Dr. Gwen introduced parents to the concept of “lift the lip check at home,” a simple yet critical practice for early dental care, ensuring they left with a deeper understanding of dental care for children.

The informative sharing continued as Dr. Gwen explained the relevance of diet in dental caries prevention, emphasizing the connection between nutrition and dental well-being. This critical information is a vital aspect of dental care for children, helping parents make informed choices for their child’s oral health.

The sharing reached its climax with Dr. Gwen’s emphasis on being aware of jaw development abnormalities, an aspect of dental health that is often overlooked. Parents departed from this session not just educated but empowered to prioritize their children’s dental well-being, highlighting the importance of dental care for children.


Interactive Learning with Dr. Clio

But the educational journey didn’t end there. Dr. Clio took the stage and demonstrated to the kids how to brush their teeth, using an interactive tooth model. This hands-on learning experience not only made dental care fun but also left children with practical skills they can use at home.

Let me show you how to brush

A Whimsical Dental Chair Adventure

The adventure took a whimsical turn as Dr. Gwen led the kids to the treatment room, where she introduced the dental chair as a flying carpet. The children embarked on an imaginative journey, where dental tools were reimagined. For instance, the three-way syringe became a friendly elephant that could blow water. This creative approach not only demystified dental instruments but also made the experience enjoyable, underlining the importance of dental care for children.

Want to know what an ëlephant can do on a dental chair? Here Dr Gwen showing you

A Check-up and Cleaning Adventure

The highlight of the event was when each child sat on the “flying carpet” dental chair for a check-up and professional cleaning by the dentist. The kids were not just patients; they were fearless explorers on a mission to keep their smiles healthy, showcasing the practical application of dental care for children.

When everyone is curious to see how a cleaning is done on a dental chair
Relax, and enjoy cleaning by Dr Gwen
Dr Clio trying all she can, to do check up for a young kid


A Successful Journey

As the clock struck 1 pm, the Tooth Fairy Project 3.0 came to a close. The success of the event was not just in the educational content but in the smiles it brought to the faces of children and parents. It’s a reminder that dental care for children doesn’t have to be a dull routine; it can be a journey filled with imagination, fun, and valuable lessons, highlighting the importance of dental care for children.


The Tooth Fairy Project 3.0 was a triumphant celebration of education, empowerment, and children’s dental health, proving that dental care for children can be engaging and effective. We extend our gratitude to all attendees, partners, and supporters who joined us on this exciting adventure. This success is just the beginning, and we look forward to more smiles, more learning, and more healthy teeth in the future.

Thank you for being part of our journey!