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Together with our team of certified doctors, you will be sure to receive quality service during your treatments such as:

Teeth Whitening

Our dental clinic offers two different teeth whitening treatments (Philips Zoom! and Beyond Power Bleaching). These treatments will lighten the shade of your teeth without removing any of your teeth structure. 


At White Density, you have the option to choose either the Conventional Braces or Clear Aligner Therapy orthodontic treatment. During the consultation process, we will advise which option would be best suited for your lifestyle and needs.

Scaling & Polishing

Together with the Ultrasonic Scaling and Air Polishing treatment, your teeth and gums will be free from tartar and plaque build-up while keeping your overall oral hygiene in check. We recommend having this treatment done every 6 months to 1 year. 

Dental Fillings

We know all too well how tooth decay and toothaches are. At White Density, our trained and certified doctors will be sure to take special care and precaution to ensure your cavities are filled and teeth restored.   

Root Canal Treatment

With a local anaesthetic agent, we want to ensure your root canal treatment will be almost pain-free with mild soreness over the course of 2-3 days. 

Crowns and Bridges

Need to put on a crown or a bridge onto your teeth? Our doctors are able to restore the appearance of your teeth effectively. You’ll be leaving our clinic doors with the best smile possible!

Wisdom Tooth Removal

We know the fear and how daunting it is to have your wisdom tooth removed. Our dental clinic is certified to use a local anaesthetic during this treatment for your comfort.

Early Orthodontic Intervention

Prevention is always better than cure. Noticing your child’s teeth or jaw alignment shifting or other similar issues? We recommend having your child come in for a consultation and check-up to understand the care he or she needs. 


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“We love what we do, and it’s reflected in the level of care we give our patients.”  – Dr Gwen

Our doctors at White Density are here to advise which treatments would be best suited for you. 


Drop us a message at our contact form or WhatsApp us now to book yourself a consultation: 016-248 4808 / 03-7613 7203