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Celebrating Smiles: A Recap of White Density Dental Clinic’s Success at the Great Eastern Life Malaysia Annual Health Screening Campaign

At White Density Dental Clinic, September marked not just the beginning of last quarter; but it also is a month of joy and celebration of promoting radiant smiles.

We were honoured to be invited to join the Annual Health Campaign of Great Eastern Life Malaysia (GELM), and the success of our participation has us beaming with pride.


Free Dental Screening and Goodies Galore!

The take home goodies bag

During the four-day event, our dedicated team provided free dental screenings and simple dental charts to enthusiastic participants. We believe in making dental health accessible. These screenings allowed us to reach out to individuals, offering insights into their oral well-being. Each participant is given a simple dental report about their oral health condition. This ease the participants to have a clear understanding about their oral condition. To sweeten the deal, participants walked away with complimentary goodies bags, featuring a generous RM20 cash voucher from White Density Dental Clinic and a toothpaste from Systema.

Dr Gwen explaining dental report to one of the participants
Dr Clio providing oral health education to one of the participants
Dr Clio doing dental check up for one of the participants


Exclusive Discounts for a Brighter Smile

To encourage the pursuit of ongoing dental health, we introduced exclusive discounts as a token of appreciation for the GELM staff. A fantastic 15% discount on dental treatments was extended to all GE staff. Their families weren’t left behind – they received a 10% discount during this special promotional period. It’s our way of saying ‘thank you’ for their commitment to their well-being.

Lucky Draws and Giveaways: Spreading Smiles

The excitement peaked with our daily lucky draws, where participants had the chance to win some incredible prizes. From teeth whitening sessions to fluoride varnish applications and RM100 cash vouchers, the giveaways were our way of spreading smiles and making dental health a rewarding journey.

The winner of Grand Prize – Teeth Whitening! =) Congratulation!


A Heartfelt Thank You

As we look back on the success of our campaign at the GELM Annual Health Campaign, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated. Your smiles, enthusiasm, and commitment to your well-being made this event truly special.

Continuing the Journey: Join Us!

Our commitment to promoting oral health doesn’t end with the campaign. Whether you participated in the event or are just discovering White Density Dental Clinic, we invite you to continue this journey towards a brighter, healthier smile.

Dr Gwen and Dr Clio invite you for creating beautiful smile together


Smile Bright, Smile Healthy: The White Density Way

As we celebrate the success of our campaign at GELM, we’re reminded that every smile tells a story. White Density Dental Clinic is proud to be part of your journey towards optimal oral health and radiant smiles.

Join us in celebrating not just the success of the campaign, but the success of each smile we’ve touched.

Thank you for being part of the White Density family – where smiles are celebrated, and health is cherished.

Here’s to many more smiles and successful campaigns in the future!

For any inquiry, feel free to email appointment@whitedensity.com; or call/whatsApp us at 016-248 4808

Thank you.

Your Sincerely,

Dr Gwen Gan Shou Wan